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stories from is one of the better resources we've found for bringing us qualified, interested candidates for our hard to fill positions. They are extremely knowledgeable about our industry and very responsive to our feedback, which allows them to target the type of candidates we are looking for so we have the greatest chance of success on every position we post with them. They provide the targeted response to our open positions like an executive recruiter but for a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for technical knowledge, integrity and high quality, cost effective recruiting, is a great option!
- M. Herman, Sr. Recruiter, Gen-Probe
Using is like using a job board on steroids. For the cost of several job postings, adds fire power to your internal recruiting team by sourcing and pre-screening highly qualified candidates. adds the "missing link" in the recruiting process by concentrating on keeping a steady flow of qualified candidates coming to your recruiting department, adding to the candidate pool your recruiters have identified, allowing your recruiters to stay focused on hiring the best candidate for the position.
Internal recruiters are typically managing 20 or more positions at one time, as well as client management and face-to-face interviews. supplements and enhances your recruiting team's candidate sourcing. I have partnered with on a number of searches and found their team very knowledgeable about typical biotech positions, highly efficient and very responsive. The bottom line for me is that BiotechnologyJobs helped me find and place candidates quickly and at a low cost.
- M. Duro, Biotechnology Contract Recruiter (contracts include Genentech, Bayer, and Elan Pharmaceuticals)
I've used BiotechnologyJobs for over three years (at two different companies) to help me find candidates for some of our more difficult positions. They are responsive, easy to work with, reliable, and knowledgeable. I appreciate the fact that they are not pushy or constantly calling me, but they do follow up as needed to get the job done. My hiring managers appreciate this alternative source as a huge cost savings over traditional outsourced recruiting agency fees and services. BiotechnologyJobs is there when I need them and I trust them to deliver candidates that are qualified AND prequalified for positions I ask them to work on, taking a lot of the burden off of our small recruiting staff.
- T. Glasson, Halozyme Therapeutics is an outstanding resume sourcing tool. It provides an extraordinary value since we receive pre-screened quality resumes for about the price of standard job postings. is like adding additional recruiters to your team, it adds value in both time and overhead, and has substantially reduced our "time to hire". After an exhaustive evaluation of a number of internet-based services, came out on top. I recommend this service highly.
- M. Carpenter, Recruitment Manager, Biogen Idec. has been a key resource in providing qualified candidates for my open positions. They understand the technical requirements for my positions and delivered only qualified and interested candidates to my email. They were responsive and really understood what I was looking for. This service is a tremendous value since you pay only a low monthly fee for each position, making it a great resource for recruiters.
- J. Sampson, Sr. Recruiter, Several Top 5 Biotech Companies
I really like I can count on at least 2 to 3 qualified candidates a week for each position I post. They just show up in my email. I don't have to source. I just call. I like the quality of the candidates and the fact that they have already viewed the job description. It is a great tool.
- M. Voda, Sr. Recruiter, Baxter BioScience P.O. Box 231248 Encinitas California 92023